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Have you ever wanted to keep your statistics during a round to better your game? Perhaps you're a parent of a junior golfer that likes to keep track of tournament information to show areas of opportunities where your son or daughter can improve. Maybe your player is already in college and you're keeping stats for his college coach or swing coach back home.


No more messing around with scorecards, introducing the GTC Stat tracker. It's a simple, yet effective way to measure a tournament round for game improvement.


These 11" x 4.25" stat cards are made from card stock paper for easy writing and durability. Our cards go a step farther than your average FIR, GIR and Putting stats. They also cover:


  • FIR and distance left to the hole after the drive allowing you can keep stats on driving distance and approach shot distance.
  • GIR and the amount of feet your apporoach shot is to the hole to know what irons you need to work on.
  • How many putts you have from your approach shot distance to the hole.
  • Sand Saves


These cards are not only an excellent source of keeping up on a round, but also the best way to keep stats for game improvement. Know the areas of the game you need to work on to shoot lower scores.

STAT Sheets - 10 Pack

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