These are the current courses we available in ND. Each course will state whether it's a 3D Premium Course Guide (20 pages with fairway and small green with depth) or 3D Tournament Yardage Book.  These books are 40 pages and are broken down into 3 differnt styles. 


All styles comply with The Rules of Golf. 


Style 1 - 40 page tournament book with fairway,  note area, green grid- w/green outline- green depth.


Style 2 - 40 page tournament book with fairway, note area, enlarged green-green depth (no grid)


Style 3 - 20 page fairways only with seperate greens book


Style 4 -  3D Course Guide- 20 pages with fairway and small inset green with depth.



1. Grand Forks CC, Grand Forks, ND - Course Guide- Style 4

2. Fargo Country Club, Fargo, ND - Course Guide - Style 4


North Dakota 3D Books