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The NEW 2023


THESE BOOKS CONFORM WITH THE 2019 RULES OF GOLF! These books are made with card stock paper and protected by a glossed, water resistant, card stock cover. They are built to last and to re-use year after year.


Designed by a tour caddie and instructor, the My Caddie Greens will transform your game. Use your favorite phone app or Google Earth to sketch your green to spec. Each book has graphs with boxes at 5/8" for every 5 yards. Each hole has an extensive stat tracker to keep your approach stats and putting stats. Learn from your miss percentages whether they are uphill, downhill, left-to-right, right-to-left, straight putts, or combinations of two. GTC was the first and continues to be the world’s leader in DIY yardage books.

My Caddie Greens Book 12 - Pack

  • MY CADDIE PRO yardage book measures 7" x 4.25".  It is made with rain resistant heavy stock covers and medium stock pages.  Be sure to pick up enough for each course and each event.

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